Meeting Minutes






Pine Island Boat Club Meeting Minutes


June 2018




Call meeting to order at: 6:30 PM           


Pledge of Allegiance




Commodore welcomes all and reminds everyone to buy raffle tickets. Please remember that the Boat Club funds itself through the raffle, membership dues & whatever else we can think of.



Email Address for the boat club is This is our main line of communication with our club members. Make sure you received our email reminder for the boat club meeting today. If you did not, let us know so we can add you to our email list. Email us if you are not getting our emails. Be SURE to include: in your address book to prevent rejection as SPAM!


Facebook:  We now have a PIBC Facebook page. People have been posting pictures and invitations to events. It is working quite well. It is completely private for club members only. If you want to join, you must send a friend request to Joanne Salmon. Look for the club burgee to make sure you have the right Joanne Salmon Facebook page.


Nametags:  Everyone should be wearing a nametag. There are new nametags on the table. There is a signup sheet on the table if you do not have a nametag.


Membership Fees are $50 for a lifetime membership plus a burgee. Additional burgees may be purchased for $25.


Parking:  Do not park in the Purple Heart parking space unless you have a Purple Heart license plate AND display a handicap placard.


Treasurer’s Report:  Account activity this month:

Expenses: $          0         Income: $130.00          






Ship’s Store:


     Open enrolment dates & procedures:


If you have items that you want embroidered please leave them with the Bridge and they will be done.



There is a storage bin for our stuff. Ask Ned for details.


The voluntary signup sheet for phone numbers & email addresses is on the table.


Version 1.5 of the list is available. V 1.6 will be next month


Event reminders:  VHF 78 is our hailing and chatting channel. Sign-up sheets for all the events are on the table. Hosts pick up sheets at end of meeting. Note: it is very important to put your phone number on the sign up sheets! If you want to host an event, by all means let us know!! If you need a ride, just ask around!





Old Business:


Sat May 19 Sandy Rotz 11 AM lunch at Miller’s Dockside on Gasparilla. Canceled due to weather



Memorial Day Monday May 28 Charlie’s Cut with the Chews. Canceled due to weather.


New Business:


Joanne’s Weatherproof Summer Event Schedule !!!!!


June 13 Wed  Lucky dinner at Ragged Ass   6: PM


July 4  Wed  Saltwater Smokehouse 11:30 Lunch


Aug 15 Wed Captain Con   6: PM Sunset Dinner


Sept 3  Mon  Labor Day at C-Span  10: AM Picnic


Labor Day is a Boat Club sponsored meal. Please bring deserts or a dish to pass, drinks, chairs etc.


There will be no regular monthly meeting that night unless the weather is bad, in which case we will have our picnic at the Legion.



50/50 Bonus ticket question:  



According to the word binnacle is from Latin

and roughly means "dwelling place".  What dwells in the binnacle?


Answer:  The compass or navigation instruments


According to traditional binnacles are endowed with a feature

known as "navigator's balls". What is the function of the navigator's balls?



Answer:  To fine tune the accuracy of the compass



          Second prize $               won by:


          First prize $          51               won by: Joanne Salmon



Susan & Steve from Maryland & Cape Coral were guests tonight. The have a 32’ Carver and a 17’ something or other. They may consider membership if Steve ever tows the something or other down here.




No new members






Closing statement:  Thank you all for coming. Please remember to bus your tables. The American Legion donates the use of this facility. Please come up and greet our new members.


Event hosts pick up sign-up sheets before leaving


Our next meeting is Monday July 2, 2018


Meeting adjourned at:7: pm